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The 2011 Ragnar Sohlman Speech, Norwegian Embassy, Stockholm

  With 70 guests from Norway and Sweden celebrating the Sohlman scholarship institution and this year's holder, Iliyasu Kasimu from Jos in Nigeria, who gave the annual Ragnar Sohlman speech. Greeting from last year's candidate, Mwaura Kaara was also presented.

Iliyasu's was a speech about our shared responsibility to challenge and invite all youth to be integrated into society, its working community and its cultural wealth and complexity, and the tragic ramifications if we fail to do so.
  Read the full speech here.

The Sohlman scholarship holder with diploma and (from left) Birgitta Sohlman, Lena Hjelm Wallén (Chair, the Swedish-Norwegian Cooperation Fund), and Landshövding Eva Karlsson (Chair, Voksenaasen).
  Lisbet Palme was the best guide to Stockholm any visitor to the city  could dream of. Here she introduces Iliyasu to the beautiful Waldemars Udde art gallery and to its history. The gallery is located in the home of late Prince Augene of Sweden, a dedicated artist in his own right, but known to Norwegians as the prince who turned down the invitation to become king of Norway.

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